Friday, November 2, 2007

Coming Soon: The complete Post-Zero Hour Legion of Superheroes

I have held forth at length in the past about how much I enjoyed the post-boot/post Zero hour Legion. In fact I have been able to piece together a near complete run of the series from the various back issue collections in the comic shops around my hometown. While the actual floppies remain in a full long-box back at my parents house in California, I have recently re-acquired the digital archive and TPB that I have on the Post-boot Legion.

So, beginning sometime in the next week I will begin a full run though/review of the entire 11 year run of the second Legion of Superheroes. There will be some good moments (the DnA Years, the White Triangle Saga, the take down of the president of the UP) with the bad (Lori and Monstress)

I have yet to decide if I will be going through issue by issue of via story arc. I'll decide in the next few days.

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