Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Marvel vs DC Websites

So I go to the DC website to see what comics are out this week and how much money I will be spending. I find the list instantly and thankfully discover that this should be a fairly small week.
I then go to the Marvel website to try and do the same.

It is hard to find the list. It is hidden in a page behind one of the buttons on the top banner called " Comics on Sale." Other than that nothing about the fact that they have any comics coming out at really any point. The website is taken up by the Iron Man movie and a small window about WWH. But that is it. Anything saying that they sell comics is nicely hidden away, while DC, while not putting the list front and center at least puts it front and to the right. You log onto their site and you can tell that they sell comics and which ones are coming out.

I just find that interesting

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