Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Things I have done recently

Saturday: While fasting I played some Heroclix, got my ass kicked

My team in the Starro Tournament was
Dr. Alchemy
Wonder Woman
The Crimson Fox

the team came in at exactly 300 points and while I was able to take out Hourman in one game and Doctor Light in another, my team really wasn't that good. Hopefully I will get a better team next time.

After that I went to services and then came home and enjoyed eating again.

Sunday: I cooked pancakes for breakfast, saw the National Opera's free telecast of La Boeme on the Mall (which was an amazing preformance), came home and cooked dinner ( a beer and onion stew with chicken and apple sausages) for my roommates.

Monday, just as I was about to begin one new project, I got another one dumbed in my lap, so that took up a day or so extra.

Yesterday I went back to Six and I Historic Synagogue (where I had been for High Holy days) and saw Alan Alda speak. He is a really funny guy, and I got him to sign a copy of his first book. Also I think he would look really good in a smoking jacket and an ascot.

Now I sit at my desk waiting for 5:30 so I can go and get my comics.

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