Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Doctor Who, Life and Updates

For Years now I have had an almost complete collection of the Doctor Who novelization that were done by Target Publishing (nothing to do with the US retailer.) In fact I am only missing 4 of the novelizations. Mission to the Unknown and The Mutation of Time (the two Novelizations of the 12 part Daleks Masterplan from the First Doctor's era and The Happiness Patrol from the 7th Doctor's era. Oh and I still dont have two of the "Missing" 6th Doctor stories (The Ultimate Evil and Mission to Magnus) but since they were never actually broadcast they dont count as much. Other than that I have everything, the episode guides put out during the 5th Doctor's era, the Quiz books,I have it all. Hell I even have Turlough and The Earthlink Dilemma, Harry Sullivan's War and I believe I even have the Crossword Puzzle book.

Well as of yesterday, I can tick one off of my list as I received the copy of Mission to the Unknown that I had purchased on Ebay. So, this afternoon, for the first time since the mid-90's I will have a new Target novelization to read. I cant wait.

In other news, my laptop, which was purchased new in January has decided to stop working. Luckily I have a backup of the system and it is still under warranty. Unfortunately, the backup is from early August so the pictures that I uploaded since then are now lost as are the IM logs for the last year. Thank goodness for uploading pictures to Facebook.

Went and saw Alan Alda talk last week. He is a very funny man, and I am almost finished with his first book "Never have your dog stuffed: and other things I've learned"

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