Monday, August 6, 2007

Crisis of Infinite Jay Garricks

Something interesting that I noticed when 52 #52 was released. We are either suffering from a Crises of Infinite Jay Garrick's, or we know where all of the Flash's went to.
I have mentioned this from time to time, but, like the awesome Phantom Stranger appearance in Hellblazer that no-one believed, I though it would be best to show this so that I can at least tell people to go to my log and check it out there.
In Infinite Crisis 4, all of the Speedsters graped Super-emo Prime and pulled him into an alternate dimension. This scene from The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #6, shows all of them together right after Super-emo Prime had escaped. As you can see there is a younger Jay Garrick there wearing a black tunic.
This is the Jay Garrick of New Earth, as seen in this weeks JSA #8 in his bright red tunic.
But in 52 #52 we see a shot of a new Earth 2 And who is there in the corner?
Another version of Jay, wearing a similar black tunic that we see some 6 months earlier in The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #6. Admittedly the Tunic is of a different design, with the lightning bold beginning over his shoulder as opposed to at his waist. But artists have been known to mix up stuff in the past.

So the question remains.
Are these two the same guy?
If they are then Max and Barry are sitting on Earth 2. If not, where did the Flash family end up, since there would be no reason for Jay to be there, unless he was native to what ever world/dimension Super-emo Prime was pushed into. Plus, if they are not from the same earth, does that mean that we have at least three good Jay Garrick's out there?

For more analysis, look here.

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