Monday, August 27, 2007

Michael Vick has found Jesus

He was hiding behind the couch this time.

Why does suddenly finding Jesus (hiding in the garage) make things so much better.
Am I supposed to think, "oh well yeah he was torturing dogs, but now he has found Jesus (watching TV in your Den) , so he must be a wonderful man."

Sigh...thing 4,325 that I don't get about Christianity and their mysteriously disappearing Messiah.

Story can be seen here

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naladahc said...

I'm trying to sell my house. If I was 1 state south of here I could start a rumor that Jesus appeared in mold in my basement and add $20,000 to the asking price.

Then again, I'm Polish, so maybe Mary appearing in the mold would be more appropriate.

We Poles love our Cult of Mary.