Wednesday, August 1, 2007

OK.... this is disgusting

In Ohio, Legislators are considering a bill that:

"As written, the bill would ban women from seeking an abortion without written consent from the father of the fetus. In cases where the identity of the father is unknown, women would be required to submit a list of possible fathers. The physician would be forced to conduct a paternity test from the provided list and then seek paternal permission to abort.

Claiming to not know the father's identity is not a viable excuse, according to the proposed legislation. Simply put: no father means no abortion."

This is quite possibly the most nauseating thing that I have heard all year. $#%^#$^% Christian Fundamentalists and their seemingly pathological need to dominate the women around them.

Uncle Sam says fuck you


philippos42 said...

Yep, but it's almost a logical companion to mandatory child support. Either men are equally parents or they aren't, eh?

Derek said...

When we have the technology to allow the man to carry a child full term and deliver it, painfully, in a procedure that can last days, then yeah, then he can sign a piece of paper to keep the fetus.

You don't get a say unless you're prepared to carry and deliver the child yourself. After the baby's born, that's when equality sets in.