Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Comic reviews: Part 1: Countdown 39

A early review here...with spoilers

Countdown 39:

As those who read this blog know, I have been a bit harsh on Countdown and came very close to dropping the title completely. But this it is actually good. there is suspense, mystery, adventure and all sorts of things. Plus the crossovers dont seem so craven anymore. The whole oracle scene that we saw was the preview for the next issue of Birds of Prey, and we are getting more suicide squad, previewing their own new series plus whats going on in Checkmate. In addition the "hanging with the Moniters segment is very readable. Though it must be said that it does bonk us over the head a bit much with the fact that the bleed is "something else."Over all its a market improvement over the last 12 issues. Oh plus The Question shows up(looking like she should be), makes a pun about questions and then...Batwoman shows up.

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Derek said...

I dunno. The ending felt like the same as last week's. Last week, Question shows up. This week, Batwoman shows up.

The Trickster and Piper storyline DID move forward, but Question didn't show up until the end AGAIN.

I guess I just wanted more Question this issue. lol