Sunday, August 12, 2007

Something awesome for Sunday

While this new cast shot for Legion of Superheros from artist Francis Manapul (from the Newsarama article.) is cool, the mostexciting thing from the article was this shot of the Big Three of the Legion.As you can see they were wearing different costumes from what they have been wearing in the modern continuity. In fact the costumes that they are wearing are those of my Legion, the post-boot Legion who, except for an appearance as the Legion of earth 247 in Infinite crisis number 6, have not been seen in three years. They are also the Legion that has XS in it, who was mentioned in JSA two issues back.
For those who are unsure that it is not a shot of the modern legion you can tell for two reasons.
1) The costumes. The design of those costumes admittedly first showed up with the SW6 Legion ( and if you don't know who they are don't worry, it is to much of a headache to ever be mentioned again), but they are at core, the costumes of the Post Boot Legion. Also only with these costumes that you got pouches and have since left.
3) That surly expression on Cos' face. Only a Cosmic Boy who had to deal with the combined snark of the post-boot Brainy as well as Gates would be jaded enough to wear that expression. In addition that picture gets the dynamic of the Post-boot Legion down exactly, with the strong leadership of Rokk and Irma with Garth as the "good cop"/ lighter element of the trio. In addition, this Rokk Krinn would not have been so shocked when the Knights Templis showed up. He would have nodded finished what he was doing and left. Because Cosmic Boy is a bad-ass. Or at least he was.

Know I know that the picture that I have been writing about is probably a left over image from Manapul's portfolio. But a man can hope, and maybe we will see the Post-boot Legion back to kick ass and take names.

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