Tuesday, July 31, 2007

First Comic Book

The question was brought up in the Big Monkey Podcast of what was your first comic book. I dont entirely remember.

The one that I most remember was a hard cover book of a bunch of old silver age stuff. It was on good paper and in full color.There were about 6 or 7 issues in it. All I do remember was that it contained issue 123 of The Flash: The Flash of Two Worlds.
It was a magical experience picking up this issue and got me fully engrosed into comics. I traded it away a few years later for one bone-headed reason on another.
I got it at this used book store that i used to clean up in. When they closed I got around 100 of the Doctor Who target novelisations, which really gave a boost to my collection, which is nearly complete. While it is possible that I may have read some of the Jim Lee X-men or Spawn first, this trade was the first thing that made me love them.
What was your first comic?

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