Sunday, July 8, 2007

Comics reviews!!!

Countdown 43:

A good issue, nothing spectacular...but readable. Seems like they are finally getting to the title sequence, or at least they will by the end of the month. Also, the history of the multiverse is almost over!!!.
out of 5 Jason Todds

Supergirl 19:

Finally... this era on the title is done. As much as I love Joe Kelly, these past few issues....well they havent been very good. This issue though is the best in quite a while, and I really want to see the next issue. One interesting thing in this issue: in the next issue box, they say "We pick up from WWIII. As you can see below. In WWIII, when she returns from the future, she is spit in two as she passes through J'ohn . Noone else seemed to notice this when the issue came out, and it should be interesting if they pick up the thread.

out of 5 Jason Todds

Detective Comics 834:

Another good issue,, but it suffers from two problems. The first is the problem that has plauged alot of Dini's run. That problem is that there never seems to be any movement on this title, things are introduced and never picked up. While it is going with one or two issue stories, in the TV method, it doesn't seem to be able to connect the threads as well. The other problem is that this story seemed very much like a paint by numbers. Dini had a problem that needed to be fixed so he set about creating a story to do so. Didn't feel like to was necessary.
Still a good issue, but just lacking something.

out of 5 Jason Todds

Action Comics 851: 3D version

Sigh...this really wasnt a good week for comics. Again an issue which is passable but not very exciting. Plus this issue gave me an actual headache while reading with the 3D glasses. Possibly if the last issue hadnt come out like 6 months ago I would be more interested. Bring on Countdown, maybe it will put the book on track. Either that or give Busiek both titles.

out of 5 Jason Todds

Jonah Hex 21:

Sigh I am getting tired of writing the same thing again and again. Acceptable issue, but nothing to write home about.

Out of 5 Jason Todds

All Star Superman 8:

He was on the Bizzaro World Last issue? ... I don't remember that... see my complaints about quality and lateness on the last two reviews.

Out of 5 Jason Todds

Faker 1:

Mike Carey plus Jock should spell amazing, but somehow it doesn't. Maybe the quality of the week is dragging things down a bit. I will pick up the next issue though.

out of 5 Jason Todds

Y The Last Man 57:

Hero is a bitch....the final three issues should be amazing. Also Yorick and 355 should end up together. is ice to finally have a really good issue to review.

Out of 5 Jason Todds

(Sword of the) All New Atom 13:

This and blue beetle are the best series that DC puts none. Well except for GL corps that is. On a completely unrelated note..when does Kyle join up with Donna, Jason and Bob the Moniter?

out of 5 Jason Todds

All in all... a bad week for comics... hopefully next week will be better

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