Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Doctor Who

well...yeah the season finale of season 3 of Doctor Who broadcast on Saturday and kind of sucked... that and the news that Katherine Tate will be joining the cast for all 13 episodes next year and well... i'm kind of worried about next season.

It is especially disappointing since we had 4 of the best episodes of Doctor Who this season.


So to cheer myself up, I went and watched the Doctor Who serial: The Mind Robber from season 6.
Not only does it have one of the best hooks: The TARDIS crew get stuck in a world of fiction.
But it also has the best TARDIS crew: The Second Doctor, Jaime and Zoe.

Not only is it great team, but it also has one of the hottest companions of all time: Wendy Padbury as Zoe Harriott.
So yeah... anyway happy 4th of July everyone...I will have another couple of posts today... including the one month aniversery of this blog, what i did today (including watching 1776) and my review of the Showcase Presents: Legion of Superheroes

ta for now

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