Thursday, July 19, 2007 mid july

I don't know what it is...maybe it is the fact that it is over-cast outside... maybe it is the fact that the work I am doing right now is mind numbingly dull...maybe it was the fact that the internet and then the computers were down till around noon... but I just don't feel like being that productive today.

In other news I had the interview with the American Heart Association. I thought it went ok, but the guy who is in the cubical next to mine thought I did we shall see.

Also this week's comics were actually quite good. Except for Justice League 11 which was just plain, unadulterated shit. But more on that later.

Oh plus it was my 25th Birthday this weekend. I had a nice a relaxing time hanging out with my sister and playing Heroclix at Big Monkey. It was all very peaceful and I got a couple of nice presents from my family.

Anyway that all for now, I will have another couple of posts once I get back home from work.

But I should really start doing work again...sigh

Oh... my roommates have decided to hold a party this weekend. Hopefully I can get some people to stop by for a while.

Ta for now


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