Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So as some may have heard Chief Justice John Roberts suffered a seizure yesterday and fell 5 feet, injuring himself and causing him to end up in the hospital. While I find Justice Roberts to be a repugnant bastard who is setting back the rights of Americans by decades, having a seizure is no laughing matter. For many years growing up I would have, once every couple of years a feveral seizure. What this means is that basically if my internal temperature got hot enough my body would reboot itself.
Unfortunately this rebooting would be accompanied by shaking and sometimes screaming. Once this happened to me in middle school in the middle of class. When I woke up, there were firefighters there and I got taken to the hospital. The doctors never found out why I was having them, and my pediatrician believed that I would just outgrow them. I did but it took until either 7th grade or 9th grade for this to happen (I don't remember having a seizure in 9th grade but my mom does.)
Luckily I have not had one since, but when ever I feel a temperature coming on, I always make sure to pop some tylanol and go home and have a lie-down. The time in 7th grade was the only time when i had a seizure not at home in my bed and, if I the reason I haven't had a seizure in 10 years is simply luck, I don't want to endanger myself or scare anyone around me again.

So, in conclusion, Justice Roberts, i despise you from the core of my being, but I know what you are going through and I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that you never have another seizure.

For more information of what happened to Chief Justice Roberts look to this New York Times article
For more information of Seizures check the Wikipedia article
These were the type of Seizures that I was having. I had them from when I was very young and none of the drugs ever worked.

[edit ( 8-31-07) It was pointed out by my mother and sisters that what I had aren't actually called Feveral Seizures but are, in point of fact called Feberal seizures. The More you know...]

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