Sunday, July 29, 2007

Random Stuff on a Sunday

So this morning I was, for some reason watching Meet the Press and The McLaughlin Group.

A couple of observations:

The one woman in the MTP lineup defiantly seemed like she was the odd wo-man out. Especially in the discussion of the ridiculousness of the fashion critic of the Washington Post complaining that Hillary Clinton wore a blouse that revealed some cleavage. I mean really...she is a woman...women have breasts... and the "cleft created by the partial exposure of a woman's breasts" is called cleavage... It is hardly a new concept.

But in any case, she really did seem put upon by all of the men.

Secondly, the reason that congress has low approval ratings is not so because they are being to forceful in their conflict with Generalissimo Bush, as the pundit class would have us believe. But it is because they not being forceful enough. We did not elect them to congress to serve as Yes-Men and Yes-Women to a king. We elected them to fight the president. Sigh....

Thirdly, why does John McLaughlin feel the need to scream every single question? We can hear you if you just talk. It's like he feels the need to scream so that we can be heard or something.


Was going to have some fun playing Ultimate Frizbee on the Mall this afternoon. However, on the first day out in over a week that I didnt bring my umbrella, it begins to rain. So now I'm sitting aroun watching X-Files. Later howeverI am going to watch Arsenic and Old Lace. It is a really fun movie, and everyone should watch it.

Yes ever you

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