Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fuck You HP

Fuck You for selling me a Laptop that has a shitty cooling system
Fuck You for selling me a Laptop in which one of the USB ports breaks after a month
Fuck You for selling me a Laptop where the wireless card stops working after 8 months
Fuck You for telling me that I had water damage on my Laptop and thus I will have to pay you $800 to get the system fixed.

Fuck you for generally treating my dad like crap since the bubble burst.

Basically just fuck you in general.

I am this close to being done with Laptops. Until a system is made that can handle everyday normal wear and tear without turning into a brick...

I have a desktop system back at home that I built myself with my own hands back in the summer of 2003.

It has a Gig of RAM, 160 Gig's of Disc Space, a 120MB Video Card, one of the first DVD+-RW drives a second DVD Player and (because it was $9.99) a 3 1/4 in Floppy Drive

I didn't quite build it correctly .

Somewhere in the construction of the colling system i screwed up and thus the computer is always a lot hotter on the inside than it should be. I have to turn off two of the sensors otherwise that would be constantly beeping at me.

The only problem that I have had with the system is the colling problems.

The only money I have spent fixing the system is replacing, as of last month, all 4 of the case fans ($9.99 each)

I have also added a TV card to the system and was thus able to watch season 5 of Angel even though there hasn't been a TV in my home since 1996. It was also very useful in the Dorms since I was able to watch TV in my room.

In that time period I have gone though 2 laptops.

While I am going to try to get my old Laptop out here (since it only really needed a new battery), the thing I would really like to get is my desktop.


Hopefully I can get something out of HP.

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