Monday, October 15, 2007

I went to the White House Yesterday

Well... actually I wondered around the gardens for a few minutes. The White House was having one of the garden tours. But it was still really cool getting that close to the White House.
Plus I got the bits of outside corridor through which the President would walk from the Oval Office to the Residence on The West Wing. If the geography of the White House in real life matches the one on the West Wing, then the picture below is of the Oval Office as seen through the rose garden.

What ever the case may be it made for a very cool Sunday, especially since I hadn't planned on going to the White House. One Hilarious thing that happened was that I saw a couple of White House interns walking past and they were both talking about Jack Bauer.

Today I don't have work, but tomorrow I start a new assignment with AIPAC for a week. Plus I get back my laptop.

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