Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Zuda begins

So Newsarama has just posted the first 10 Zuda Contestants here

While some look mildly interesting there is only one which I will actually be reading.

Alpha Monkey
Writer/Artist: Bobbie Rubio/Howard M. Shum
Summary: In a misguided attempt to save his son from the destruction of Earth by a comet (which then happens to miss the Earth entirely) a scientist rockets his son into another dimension. The child ends up on a parallel world ruled by Monkeys! Given unique powers by the planet’s bananas, the young boy fights off invading monsters as the planet’s new defender, Alpha Monkey!

It looks like the backstory will be a nice twist on the Superman back story and that alone...and I really do mean alone (the whole monkey bit is kind of played out) makes it more interesting than the other titles.

[update 10/25: I should note that I will probably be looking at all of them, but that Alpha Monkey is the only one which really jumps out at me]


David Gallaher said...

Awww ... now, you are just hurting my feelings. Though Alpha Monkey does sound awesome, may I suggest giving HIGH MOON a try too? I won't cost you a cent!

- David Gallaher

Walking through Destinys Garden said...

..blink...blink...well than In guess I will have to read your strip as well.

David Gallaher said...

Well, thank you! Great blog, by the way. I totally agree with you about the Green Lanterns!

Howard Shum said...