Thursday, October 4, 2007

Stephanie Brown

Ah Stephanie Brown, aka the Spoiler aka Robin IV.
I really liked her character (especially when she showed up in Batgirl) and was sad to see her killed (even though I had dropped the Bat-Books around the time she became Robin since I didn't like the new writers is the Post New-Gotham era.)

I do remember her getting savaged on the DC Message Boards back in the day (this is before I found the Comics Blogsphere) and I got the impression that she wasn't much liked.

So I have this question for everyone out there.

When did she become so popular?

I certainty don't remember her being this "big" back in the day.


Astra said...

She's popular? Since when?

And I always thought she was rather irritating. Especially when she was Robin. I think it was all of that blonde hair. And the constant talking.

Walking through Destinys Garden said...

Yeah I dont know either...I kind of liked her on Robin, but she is now a Cause Celeb on the internets... if as many people were reading Robin and Batgirl back in the day as a complaining now the titles would have been huge sellers