Monday, June 4, 2007

The begining

5 months ago today, on January 4th, 2007, I landed at Dulles. I had no job, no permanent housing and I knew no one.

After 5 months, I sort of have a job as a temp, though as I write this I do not have an assignment, I do have preferments housing and I am starting to get to know people.

So even though it sometime feels like I am lost in the fog...unable to get settled it isn't that bad. Actually Rabbi T. gave a Devar about this very subject at Shabbat this week, all about feeling cut off from things, unable to settle fully.

So yeah...

What will I be writing about, that is the other question that I am sure people, when people start to actually read this will be asking.
The short answer is whatever crosses my mind. More specifically: Comic Books, Doctor Who, what I am doing, what I am reading, and oh

So thus begins the adventures of this blog...

Hopefully it will be fun.


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