Friday, June 15, 2007

A bit of comics glee

So here I am, checking out Newsarama, looking at their coverage of HerosCon and what do I see? Some amazing news that is going to add at least tow titles to my pull list.

1) Kyle Rayner will be in the new series: Countdown: the Search for Ray Palmer
ergo: I will need to pick up both this title and All New Atom

2)There is a new Suicide Squad title written by the guy who wrote the title in its original run.
I got back into comics too late to read the original but I have gone back and read bits of it. The original series was really good and since I got the last Squad revamp I will have to get this one.

3) There will be roster changes in Justice League of America!!!! Will either Red Emo, Black Lightning and Geo Force please leave.

4) The Flash: fastest man alive is getting canceled and they are bringing the old series back with its numbering intact. Also, Didio said to wait till the end of the Lightning Saga to see some of the changes that will come when the Flash returns. This probably means that Scipio was right and Barry is coming back!!!

5) I will have to pick up Spiderman loves Mary Jane when the series restarts in the fall. The reason why? Well beyond the fact that it is a great title, Terry Moore of Strangers in Paradise fame will be writing it. Since he is one of the few writers who writes good women (and by good I don't mean not evil), I will be forced to pick up a third Marvel title (After X-factor and Cable & Deadpool.)

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