Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Uncle Max

Wow... now my Great Uncle Max, who died while I was in middle school was reportedly a great mathematician. We heard tales of his working with Albert Einstein, and of his high position in the Mathematics Department at Stanford.

Until now, I had never seen any evidence of his existence, and only one person I have ever met (outside of family) has ever known who he was.

But as I was looking up stuff for one of those "tagged" posts, which i will post later, when a simple Google search, which had never produced anything before, struck gold.

His full name was Menahem Max Schiffer.
He was born in Berlin in 1911 and studied under none other that Erwin Schrödinger (as in Schrödinger 's cat.) It was he who pushed Uncle Max into mathematics.

I don't know if I can thing about this any more..but this is just amazing...

Here is a link to a memorial resolution from the Academic Council on Stanford about him.

Oh and here is the links to the books that he wrote, as presented by Amazon

Ast, Keeks, look at this stuff...

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