Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Doctor Who

There are three things that have made the time pass over the last few months.

Going to Big Monkey and picking up this weeks comics.

Shabbat, whether I am going to services of just having a nice dinner and relaxing.

and the best of all
Doctor Who: Season 3

Season 3 is currently being broadcast in the UK and I have been downloading the episodes. Over the last three weeks some of the best episodes ever have been broadcast. Interestingly all three are based on previously written stories. The Human Nature two parter (Human Nature and The Family of Blood) is, by far, the best episode of Doctor Who since the series returned, and is defiantly in the top 5 of Doctor Who stories in its 45 year history. It was also bloody scary.

Last weeks episode, guest staring the gorgeous Carey Mulligan, was an episode in which the Doctor hardly appeared, except for a couple of scenes when he used a "timy-wimy" device that could detect things and boil an egg at 20 paces. The episode, named Blink, is written by Stephan Moffat, the man who wrote Coupling and the previous three "best episodes of Doctor Who since it returned." Based on a short story written in 2006, it involves Ms Mulligans character trying the send the TARDIS back to the Doctor after he gets trapped in 1969. The Doctor sends he these messages through a variety of Paradox's and long term planning that is more the providence of his 7th incarnation.

In one short story staring that Doctor, he keeps on changing the history of one man because he will not let the Doctor either check out or return a library book. I don't remember which one it was, but no matter how much of the persons life he changed, the Doctor still could not complete his task.

The next three episodes also look amazing. Next episode guest stars Derick Jacobi, and the two part season finale not only guest stars John Simm of Life on Mars fame, but it appears that he is playing the Doctor's old advisory the Master. The finale episode is called "The Last of the Time Lords."

The best part of the next three episodes?

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naladahc said...

I'm still shocked the past 3 episodes have been some of my favorite Who ever.

The odds of 3 in a row are staggering.

Here's hoping the rest of the series continues at this caliber.

I can't say I'm excited about Jack though. I didn't mind him in series 1 but I can't say I was fond of Torchwood at all.