Monday, June 11, 2007

A New Week, New Assignment

So after a week of having a unexpected vacation, I am now back at work. In fact I am back at the same place I was at two weeks ago: The Washington DC Convention and Tourism Corporation.

-What I did this weekend-
This Shabbat was the first one that I have had where I didn't go to services in months. Instead I stayed at home, cooked myself a delicious dinner and then watch Bullit.

On Saturday I went down to Big Monkey and played in a HeroClix tournament for several hours. My starting team was:

Cyborg Superman

at least until I opened a booster pack. Beacuse of the rules of the game we could add whatever we got to our teams. The pack that I purchased was the best one I ever got. It included:

and the best of the bunch
Dane Dorance

(an incredibly useless Pog... however there were 3 of them that we picked out of booster packs that day.)

Plus I picked up the trade paperback of Kurt Bursiks Superman: Camelot Falls arc. It was alright written (the first issue is by far the best), but the artwork is amazing.

Oh and as I have been writing this I have been looking at the Wizkids website looking at the new figures for the Legion of Superheros set.

It looks amazing!!!

Timber Wolf

Ultra Boy

These are the two that looks the most amazing. The new cards look great and I could bubble on for a bit...but I wont. Ill leave bubbling ... but eek... it comes out this month!!!

So thats all for now, I probably should get back to work.



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