Saturday, June 16, 2007

Holy &%#@^ Shit that was amazing!!!!

There has never been an episode of anything....ever...that I have wanted to do what I did after watching Doctor Who this week. Once the preview for the next week was done the only thing I could do was laugh and giggle and scream with amazing glee.

I had said in the past that the last three episodes were some of the best I had ever seen. each week since the series returned from its Eurovision forced week off, that weeks eppisode has been some of the best television I had ever seen in my life. While Blink didn't quite reach they heights of The Family of Blood it was at least at the never of Human Natures and well... this weeks episode: Utopia... It blew any previous episode since the show has returned out of the %$^#&%^*^(% water!!!!!

It was amazing... when I have simmered down a bit I will write a properish review of the episode but for now... wow.... just wow. And this was a Russell T Davis episode which normally means that you can downgrade the quality a bit from what it would be if Cornell or Moffat were writing...

Anyway was amazing!!!!

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