Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Comics reviews!!!

(Update 6/28: I need to bump up Sinestro Corps...5 Todds is just not enough to contain it. This dial must go up to 11 (of 6 is this case))
Yeah, I know... it's amazing...but I am actually going to write my comic review this week..and write them on time....
So here I begin

Spoilers I guess..

Blue Beetle 16

Quite simply amazing. I am so glad that I added this title to my pull list and will probably go out and get the trades of this series as well. It is an almost perfect series, and is everything that you would expect out of a title of a young hero in the DCU.
Jaime and Paco go up against Elipso, with the help of Traci 13. The art is amazing and...well, this title reminds me why I like the DCU more than Marvel. Quite Simply, this title could not exist in the Marvel Universe. You have not only a humor which is non-existent in the marvel titles but you also have established characters wandering in and out of this title and it never seems like it is an over-hyped guest appearance (like when Spiderman, Wolverine and more recently Iron Man show up in Marvel.) In the DCU it is fluid and there are references to multiple character and works, cuz it is all one universe and people know each other.
Anyway, amazing title plus....

I -- am -- a Dentist!

out of 5 Jason Todds

Cable & Deapool 42

Speaking of would probably help if I were reading Canny X-men. Then I might understand what was going on here. Several panels looked quite Liefieldesque... and that is never good, and well... I just hope they stop messing around with this title or make it a Deapool ongoing or something, since if they don't I might even consider dropping the title. Kind of Disappointing.

out of 5 Jason Todds

Teen Titans 48

Back to DC,(in more than one way) and back to Amazons Attack. It is nice to see Cassie and Kara working together, but I really wonder when there was the time to set up refugee camps. the art was ok, the girls on the teem looked ... well like humans (always a good thing) and Tim looked around his age. Just a few problems.
A) Why if Ms. Martian was turning invisible would that be a problem... its the intangible which would be the problem.
B) Both Kara and Casie seem a bit of push overs in the face of Hypolyta.
C) the next issue text seems to be over hyping things a bit much.

But other than tht a good issue, especially because Kara is acting normal, like she is in Legion and unlike how she is in her own title.

out of 5 Jason Todds

Wonder Woman 10

More Amazons Attack.
Sigh...just sigh...why is Nemesis dead...what is going on...why should I care... I think I will wait until the new writer comes on to pick up again. Amazons attack is making no sense. At least the art was good.

out of 5 Jason Todds.

X-Factor 20

And back to Marvel for the only other Marvel title I purchase.
A good issue, things come together a bit, Lyla Miller gets a bit scene, and Madrox does something cool.
Not much to talk about, just an all around good issue of X-Factor, makes me want to read next months issue, but nothing really jumps out at me.

out of 5 Jason Todds

Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special

And now the really good titles begin.
Zoom fights the JLA and all of the emo characters don't do anything.

Kyle kicks ass, takes names and is awesome
Hal Jordan is a putz
Kyle once again overrides fear... but then is taken over by it
Kyle summons Megatron to take on the Sinestro Corps
John Stewart is a bad-ass
Paralax gets a much better outfit
Superboy-Prime is free
the Cyborg is free
oh and...

basically this issue is pure..distilled awesomeness...I cant wait for GL21 and GLC 14

out of 5 Jason Todds

Countdown 44

Sigh... any problems that I have had with the previous weeks out Countdown have gone away. The Mary Marvel and Rouges stories are accelarting and someone who i hope is Captain Atoms shows up. Unfortionatly the Jimmy Olsen story is still a bit dull as is still a bit slow and the holy story has barely begun. Plus the History of the Multiverse is still dull, but at least it is reaching history that I know as it hits the crisis. Hopefully it will improve next week.

out of 5 Jason Todds

Supergirl and the Legion of Superheros 31

Let me just start out by saying that they accidentally switched speech bubbles on page 10 between Mekt and Garth.
Other than than I have no real complaints. Tenzil Kem (formally Matter-eater lad/ chef of the Legion cafeteria) shows up as does Chuck Taine (formally Bouncing Boy/ chief administrator for Legion World and pilot of the Bouncing Boy.)
All in all a very good issue, the Legion feels alot better than they have in previous issues and Supergirl is not a whining emo freek.
Still wishing I could be reading out the Post boot legion, but more issues like this one may go along way to making me feel better. Though they really need to bring back Gates. I mean how can you not like a Marx spewing space-bug.

out of 5 Jason Todds

well thats all for now... Ill post reviews for the previous two weeks issue later on.

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