Tuesday, June 5, 2007

day 2

well it's Tuesday... still no assignment coming my way.

Things I did today:

Dropped off an update resume at the Senate Employment office and picked up the job posting from the House employment office.

Sat around on my ass all day not sending in resumes.

Watched the Doctor Who serial: the Leisure Hive. Interestingly I had completely forgotten what the plot of the episode was and had gotten in confused with what I believe was the next serial, namely Melgos. But that is what I get when I have only seen maybe two of the serials from Tom Bakers last season, and haven't read any of the novelizations since High School.

Anyway, tomorrow comics come out and I am very lucky this week because it does not look like there are any titles that I want to purchase this week, so I will be able to save money. Though I may pick up the new issues of Superman, Countdown and Birds of Prey. Though I may just wait and pick them up next week when i get the new GL Corps.

So thats that, now I really need to buckle down and send out these resumes.


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