Thursday, June 7, 2007

New Comics, New News

First of all I have a new assignment. I am back at the Washington DC Convention and Tourism Corporation. I was there last week, it is a fun place to work at, and it is in a good location.

Now, onto the comics.

Superman 663: Everything about this comic is beautiful. The cover is amazing and the inside art is great. I am thinking that I may hang the comic up on my wall, the cover is so nice. Also it is great to see Manitou and Dawn Raven again. I am very interested to see what happens with the "Young Gods" and how all of this figures into Countdown. I really need to reread the rest of the run.

Detective Comics 883: Speaking of runs I need to re-read again, this week's 'Tec is almost as good looking at Superman this week. The sequence with Zatana back in the past looked even better than Don Kramer's art usually looks, and he has been hitting it out of the part on "Tec these last few months. Story-wise, I really need to re-read the run so I can see all of the clues running up to the revelations in this issue.

Countdown 47: Sigh…and here is the 4th issue of Countdown and..sigh…it is especially sad since the 4th issue of…wait I just realized…this is the 5th issue…double sigh... See the 4th Issue of 52 was amazing…really rocketed things forward and set the pace for the rest of the series. Here we are over a month into Countdown and it feels like we are still one issue away from everything coming into focus like it did in 52. Admittedly it had felt that was for several weeks now. I just hope they start explaining things soon.

Story-wise, people know the real names of the Bat-clan who really shouldn't. First both Perry and Jimmy knew Jason Todd as that and not as the Red Hood. Now Holly(from Catwoman) not only knows Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne but have their phone numbers. Plus why doesn't he have Wildcat's number if she has anyone outside of Selina and Karon it should be him. Plus, I really didn't think that DC could do worse than the history of the DCU from 52, but I think that the History of the Multiverse is giving it a run for its money in terms of awfulness.

Supergirl 18: Feels like a retcon… I wish they would either cancel this book or decide what is going on. Plus the sequence with all of those depressed girls on it: Until it was revealed who the other Supergirl was, I thought that that girl was her. But then again the last two girls are black with dreads and while a girl can get skinny and grow out her hair, I somehow doubt tht she can change races as well.

Birds of Prey 107:
Ice is back!!! Now she needs to meet with Fire and Guy immediately….like next month…other than that, a good issue. We also need a Black hawk title again. Also, who is Oracle taking out her fighting sticks while in the house. I mean it will be hours before the plane even arrives back in Metropolis. But maybe the whole Batcrew has little cameras and mirrors for them to practice posing ominously in front of. I mean I can't think of any other way that they get so good at it.

"How was that one?"

"It was good but you need to raise the arm a bit more up when using the fighting sticks…"



"Gee thanks Bruce… couldn't use any fewer words could you?"


"Oh don't mind him Babs. Let's try it again"

At least that how I see it…

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 4:

My guilty pleasure. Goerges Jenty needs to get much much much more work… his artwork is amazing. That's why id didn't get the cover that is shown at left but the one with his art. All in all it has been a good start to the "8th season" of Buffy. It is defiantly much better than the previous few seasons of Buffy. Advantage of not having silly things like actors, messing everything up. As a not I really can't wait for the season 6 of Angel that Joss Whedon plan to do next, since there are few things that were as awesome as Angel when it was firing on all cylinders. Would help if I knew who the villains were. This title really needs a recap page. Though it would have to be done in the Cable and Deadpool style by having the characters tell us what is going on before being called back on stage or something of the like.

Anyway those were the comics for the week, I have also been watching season on of Jericho on the CBS website. It is a pretty good show, I hope they explain some things soon about what is going on. And yeah, I know the show got cancelled, but I'm only like 6 episodes in. Also I installed Office 2007 on my computer, it looks amazing and it looks like I will be able to post this directly to blogger from Word where I am writing this. Oh and I had to deal with a rather pushy Rabbi today. He really wanted me to go to some Torah retreat. While it might be fun, I have a feeling that I will hate every minute of it if I went since it is A) men only and B) probably populated by a bunch of the Orthodox. Orthos get on my nerves, my Judaism is my own and I don't need anyone telling me what I am doing is wrong, least of all someone who thinks that they are better than I am because that are more orthodox. Just rubs me the wrong way.

Anywho that's all for now, tomorrow will be my first Shabbat when I don't think I will be going to services in months, and this weekend I will be playing Hero-Clix at Big Monkey again.



will need to figure out how to post pictures later....

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