Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It would have been so nice

Sigh... I had a wonderful post almost finished yesterday all about the comics I had purchased last week. It had pictures of all of the comics and it even used my new Todd rating scheme... but them things got messy...blogger screwed things up and the entire thing got lost. So when I write about this weeks comics I will include last weeks as well.

Other stuff that has gone on in my life since I last updated.

-played a great game of soccer on the Mall with a bunch of Jews from around town. My team won 6-4, with me scoring two goals and assisting in one other.

-went to the Torah learning session put on by DC minyan... it is called DC Beit Midrash and is alot of fun. It meet Mondays at like 7pm at the DCJCC, and is taught by whoever feels like teaching. Afterwards there is either individual or group learning and then a bunch of us go and hang out at some restaurant a few blocks away.
Plus there are alot of cute jewish girls who go. :)

I have been able to stretch my current assignment out a bit longer and will be here for at least another week. Not bad but i could use some more hours.

So thats all for now, this weekend should be nice as I will be playing heroclix on Saturday and then will be meeting up with a friend on sunday.

Oh and welcome to Colleen, GT and Brian, all from Irvine who just arrived in DC.

ta for now

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