Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Israel stuff

In some international news, Shimon Peres, has been elected as the 9th President of Israel. The President of Israel is a position which has no real power, it is really nothing more than a figure-head. The amusing thing is that this may well be the first position he has actually won. Peres has been Prime Minister twice, held a wide variety of positions throughout the Israel government and is one of the last remaining founders of the state of Israel that is left in government. However as I said before he has never actually won any of them. Whenever he has been Prime Minister it has been because Yitzak Rabin left office, once because his wife was involved in some shady deals (my Safta always said that Leah Rabin was an evil woman) and the other because Rabin was... well assassinated. Every other position he was appointed to, and whenever he did stand for some election he lost, usually badly.

But now he is President so not only has it given him a position that he has actually won, but it also means that it takes him out of the mainstream of the Israeli political system, which in my perception is a bit of a good thing since it will enable him to concentrate on being a spokesman for Israel and will enable him to continue dreaming his dreams without having any of the mucky politics of the Israeli system getting in the way.

Hmm it appears that he was Prime Minister a third time in the mid 80's..but there it was a shared Premiership so he didnt really win there either.

I also have some more updates on what I did this weekend, namely the counter protest to the Anti-Israel stuff on the Hill on Sunday, the fact that Pride week was happening a few blocks from the idiots protesting Israel, and last weeks Doctor Who. I'll probably get to those later

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