Saturday, June 30, 2007

Shabbat Shalom everyone

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Hope you all enjoy your weekend, and have a relaxing time.


Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Night Fights

Its on!!!
Rā's al Ghūl


The Legion #8

Comics reviews!!! (flashback edition)

So for like two weeks I have been promising reviews of those weeks comics. I now have time so here they are!!
Comics reviews!!! (flashback edition)

Hellblazer 233:

After 4 issues, Andy Dingle is already at the level of the best of the Mike Carey run.
Now after years of moreosness, old Con-job is returning to his old ways but stil has some stuff to finish.
The art is amazing on this title, as Leonardo Manco is doing the best work he has done since "All His Engines" 3 years ago.

out of 5 Jason Todds

Justice League of America 10:

I'm glad that Wally is back, but this issue just makes no sense whatsoever and well... why isnt it August already... I want Brad Meltzer to be gone now.
As Devon said at Big Monkey yesterday, if he wasnt already leaving in two issues, I would drop the title and wait till he is gone. I dropped it when Kelly left, and I would do it again.

Out of 5 Jason Todds

Aquaman 53:

Sigh...just sigh....why did Conan loose Busiek for this...just not doing it for me. Give us Oren back.

Out of 5 Jason Todds

Ex Machina 29:

It's Ex Machina... it kicks your ass, takes your name and then give you the best cliff hangers in the business.

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive 13:

I just....
Why did you mess with Bart like this DC...

Out of 5 Jason Todds
(that's zero..i didn't just forget to put them in)

Countdown 46-45:

Where did the piece of the Rock of Eternity come from. I thought all of them were absorbed back when the rock was resorted in the Day of Vengeance special.
The Legion did know why they were in the past.
Other than that, a nice new Gods two-page spread, and Jason Todd kicks ass (it was issue 46 that made me get my rating system)
However the History of the Multiverse is still annoying.

out of 5 Jason Todds

Brave and the Bold 4:

Simply Perfect.
Supergirl acts normally, the Legion shows up at the end, cant wait for next issue.
This issue did its job

Out of 5 Jason Todds

Strangers in Paradise 90:

A perfect ending to an amazing series. I will need to pick this series up in the trades and sit back and give it a full reading. Amazing.

Out of 5 Jason Todds

StormWatch PHD 8:

A) nice to see Stormwatch Prime again.
B) isn't Malcolm dead?
C) do we really need another Bendix.. I mean really...
D) the artist is having trouble drawing big black guys, cuz I can hardly tell the three apart. (plus Jackson doesn't look like Jackson)

Out of 5 Jason Todds

Loveless (or LoVELesS if the font is to be believed) 18:

An ok issue, nothing spectacular... sad that Manke isn't drawing the series anymore, or so it seems..might be better in trades.

Out of 5 Jason Todds

Green Lantern Corps 13:

Pure distilled awesomeness.
Gleason on art, Moose on Colors, Guy, Natu, the Wog, and Mogo. Everything this boy wants out of a Green Lantern title (well except for scenes of Kyle being awesome and Hal a putz...but)

Out of 5 Jason Todds

Cable & Deadpool 41.

Wow this come out only two weeks ago...
Not reading Canny X-men so I don't know what is going on here.
Bring on the Deadpool ongoing.

Out of 5 Jason Todds

Heh I just realized the irony of calling this a Flashback edition...oh well.. pun unintended.